Local Rules


(As adopted by majority vote at the League’s AGM on 23rd May, 2010)

1. Each team will pay a Registration Fee of £30; together with a £20 refundable Bond to cover potential fines (see Rule 5). The fine will be payable from the Bond held by the League to the host venue towards wasted food and loss of business. The fine will be £10 on each occasion. Repeat offenders will be required to put up a further Bond or leave the League. 

2. Teams must submit their Registration Form by 30th June 2010 to be accepted. There will be no exceptions.

3. All games to start at 8pm unless the opposing team has contacted the venue to advise a delay

4. Once a player is registered with a team, they may not play for another team in the same season, unless they did not actually play a game for the first team.

5. The team captain is responsible for ensuring that score sheets are submitted by the Wednesday following the match (see separate score sheet instructions). A team sending a score sheet late will be deducted 1 point

6. 24 hours notice must be given if a match is to be postponed. Notice must be given to the opposing team, host landlord/landlady and the Fixtures Secretary - failure to do so will result in 3 points being deducted from the team failing to notify. All postponed games must be played by the end of the season – spare weeks have been provided for this purpose and cup weeks can be used if the teams are not involved.

7. If a team fails to turn up for a match without adequate (or any) notice, they will forfeit the match 7-3 (see note below *) and incur the 3 point penalty mentioned in Rule 4. The home captain should use commonsense before claiming the match if the non-attendance or late attendance has been caused by unforeseen circumstances such as flooding, RTA, etc. The offending team will also incur a £10 fine.

8. A team will consist of a minimum of 4 players, with no maximum. If a team is only able to assemble 3 players for a match, the two captains may agree to play, but the 3 unplayed frames will be deemed to have been forfeited in favour of the innocent team (see note below *).

9. A match will consist of 10 frames split into 3 sessions consisting of 4 singles, 2 doubles, and 4 singles. A player can play a maximum of 2 singles and 1 double. During the second session of singles, the away team will change order, the away captain will decide the order of play, and no player can play the same player twice in any singles frame. The home team captain may, if he wishes, also change order provided the “no player twice” rule is adhered to, but not after the start of the seventh frame. All frames must be played (except in the circumstances described in Rules 7 and 8).

10. A point will be awarded for each frame won.

11. While a frame is being played, the players must turn off their mobile phones, points will be deducted from the team by the league for persistent offenders (see 14).

12. A coin will be tossed by the home player for every frame to determine the break.

13. The home team/venue will arrange payment of the table and provide refreshments (but see Rule 17 for Cup matches).

14. The home team captain, or somebody appointed by them will referee the frames. If a dispute occurs the two captains must try to resolve it between themselves. If this is not possible then the dispute must be put in writing (preferably by email) to the Secretary for arbitration.

15. All complaints must be put in writing (preferably by email) to the Secretary.

16. Beer legs will be played in the second session of singles frames.

17. Cup Matches:

(i)  Teams pay for table and food is optional.
(ii) The first team drawn plays at home (i.e. no neutral tables, except for finals)

18. Cup Venues – Venue hosts are responsible for the availability of table(s) on cup nights as well as league nights. If any Sunday night within the season is pre-booked prior to receiving notification of the fixture list, venues are to inform the Fixtures Secretary and Cup Secretary as soon as possible.

19. BAPTO Official UK 8 Ball Pools Rules apply, except for the local amendments described on the BAPTO Rules sheets issued (these amendments were passed by majority vote at the League’s AGM on 23rd May 2010).

20. Reminder: Please note previous local rule “requiring a player to nominate when playing the first shot after a foul is called” has been removed

*Note: Any frames forfeited under Rules 7 or 8 will not count towards individual player stats.

*For the full set of beaminster and bridport rules please click on the download below.

bbdpl rules.doc bbdpl rules.doc
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